Fair Trade Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is one of our favorites here at GiftsWithaCause.com. It’s such a special day filled with love and compassion. Let your Valentine’s Day gift show how much you care about the world. These gift ideas are great for that special someone with a BIG HEART. Fall in love with the story behind each Fair Trade handmade product. Fair Trade is a movement committed to creating an ethical production cycle of consumer goods. Through Fair Trade practices artisans gain economic independence and receive social justice.

Keep scrolling for 3 heart-felt gifts that make a positive impact in the world. What’s better than a gift with a meaningful story behind it? Okay, maybe chocolate…but there is Fair Trade chocolate!


  1. India Recycled Stained Glass Hanging Hearts, $8
    These patterned glass hearts are available in Blue, Green or Pink. Each heart folds down the middle line, so you can create a 3-dimensional or flat decoration. They’re hung with a pretty ribbon. Hang these in your yard and let the sun shine through the glass for a whimsical look!


2. India Wire Bowl – Love, $29
This bowl features the most important thing of all: love! Always a delightful piece, this bowl is sure to spark many conversations. Celebrate love in your home. Great as a wall piece, fruit bowl, or a unique decorative bowl on it’s own.

PC: Noah’s Ark International

Right: Talented artisan’s from India smile for the camera as they hold their finished creation – the beautiful Love Wire Bowl. Made with love!

Gifts With a Cause supports safe and empowering working conditions. The workplace is meant to empower people to participate in decisions that affect them. Your purchase matters!vday-blog3

3. Kenya Soapstone Fun Hearts (Sold in sets of 8), $25.28
Hand carved and dyed, these hearts come in a wide variety of colors and
patterns designed by our talented Kenyan artisans.  These make a
thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift with lasting impact.  Tip: Consider throwing a cute Valentine’s day party and use these hearts as table favors for your guests.

Which one of these is your favorite Fair Trade Valentine’s Day gift?
Let us know in the comments and if you like what you see share with your friends!

Love, GWAC Team


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