Fair Trade Gift Ideas

What is Fair Trade? It is a movement committed to creating an ethical production cycle of consumer goods. Through Fair Trade practices artisans gain economic independence and receive social justice.
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Gifts With a Cause has the best Fair Trade Gifts Ideas for the holidays! These gifts are guaranteed to make a lasting impact in the lives of global artisans.

1. Soapstone Sculptures – Hand carved to perfection and dignified as a piece of art to display. Beautiful, colorful, and cute! Made in Kenya.
2. Elephant Art– Painted by REAL Thai elephants! Each purchase supports elephant conservation. Read more


Soapstone Sculptures
Elephant Art

1. Java Jewelry – Unique shimmering glass beads and abalone shell from Java are stunning. All bracelet styles are flexible and fit most wrists.
2. Vietnam Purses – Elegant, spacious, and soft shoulder bags are always in! Hand embroidered in Vietnam.
3. Thai Scarves – These scarves are woven with love! The end result is a high quality unique scarf. Made in Thailand.

Java Jewelry
Vietnamese Purses
Thai Scarves

At Gifts With a Cause, we strive to lend a hand to talented artisans throughout the world by offering you quality Fair Trade products from Africa, Asia, and other developing areas. The hope we have in offering Fair Trade items made by talented people is not only to help that individual succeed in the pursuit of his or her craft, but also to help foster a community of educated, involved, and artistic people in parts of the world that could benefit from this type of positive force.

Media Relations – stephanie@giftswithacause.com


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