Respect your mother, Earth.


What’s today? Only the most important holiday on earth (pun intended).


Earth Day gives us the opportunity to demonstrate our appreciation for the world we rely on each and every day. Whether we do this by supporting public events that raise awareness or simply becoming self-aware and cutting back on water usage. As part of the Fair Trade movement, Gifts With a Cause seeks to embody this and more with its international passion for creating environmentally friendly products, while providing sustainable jobs. GWAC invites you to become part of the journey where you can experience a collection of beautiful and unique handcarts that protect our environment. In helping others and acknowledging their desire to work hard, we hope to shape the lives of artisans in developing countries who lack the proper income for a better family environment. Gifts With a Cause aspires to connect people around the world through Fair Trade practices.

Three ways Gifts With a Cause supports Earth Day

  1. All of our products are handmade from eco-friendly, sustainable materials.
  2. We have partnered with the United Nations Global Compact to reach the global goals including, but not limited to climate action, life below water and life on land.
  3. Promotion Alert! Every time you choose to purchase a Fair Trade item, you support a sustainable economic system. Purchase any of our items today using the promo code EARTH at checkout and get 20% off your entire purchase.

Quality products. Improving lives. Protecting the environment.

Philippine Bracelets



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