The adventure continues in Phuket, Thailand

Day 34 – Arrived in Phuket, Thailand for a couple of days of relaxation that included a speedboat ride to Phi Phi island. Unfortunately the weather quickly changed from a partly blue sky with a slight breeze to dark grey sky with strong gusts of wind. Our scheduled 45 minute boat ride from Phuket actually ended up taking 1 1/2 hours. In order to deal with the storm the captain had to quickly start and stop the catamaran boat in order to ride through the troughs of the 3 to 7 ft waves. It was very similar to the “perfect storm” on a smaller scale. At times the waves were higher than us on all sides as the captain tried to anticipate the surging wind and surf. No time for us to worry about getting seasick or worry about anything other than keeping us and our luggage in the boat. In the end we arrived safely, albeit quite wet.

<our speedboat from Phuket to Phi Phi>

Despite the minor blip, we spent the next few days enjoying the beautiful location. We got a massage for $15 US Dollars for 60 minutes.


<View from our porch on Phi Phi Island>

We also got the chance to learn about how the locals help get around more quickly. To make a long wood boat go faster, they strap the largest 8 cylinder car engine that you can find to the back of the boat and then add a ten foot propeller shaft to the crankshaft, throw away the muffler and all the anti-pollution stuff and go as fast as you can.

Image<Thai Long-Tail Boat>

Image<Long-Tail boat in open water>


Hope you enjoyed all of these beautiful photos and more posts are coming soon. Thank you for sticking around we couldn’t do it without you.


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