Liaisons all over the world

Day 32- Ubud, Indonesia

As we work to find the best artisan groups to produce our on-trend products, we also have to find an effective liaison in the area so that we can efficiently communicate designs and coordinate shipments back to the USA. Lis is one of our wonderful contacts in Ubud. Very well educated, bilingual and understand fashion and design concepts. She is also a jewelry designer so she is great as helping build our connections across the world. We traveled many a mile and visited many Artisan groups and families together.


<Bali Friend Lis>


<Artisan Painting Cats>

Sorry for the break in posts we will try our best to keep you guys engaged with our wonderful stories from our trip. We cannot express enough how grateful we are to live such fulfilling lives and to share those memories with you all. Please make sure you are connected through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and on YouTube!

Your friends,

Mark and Liz



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