Breathtaking beauty in everything around us.

Day 31- Ubud, Indonesia

Amazing to watch a craftsman take a rough piece of wood and with a half dozen crude tools and his hands create a beautiful bowl. The lathe was spitting out long silvers of wood as we watched the tools bite and then finesse the wood into its final shape.

<wood craftsman near Ubud>

These Bali craftsmen are such hard wordkers and produce strikingingly beautiful jewelry. This hard worker below is wearing some of our jewelry designs while standing on the edge of a valley of rice fields. In such moments of breathtaking beauty, we often ask each other, “how did we get here?” This valley of rice fields goes for as far as the eye can see – rolling terraces of green waving in the gentle breeze. The cascading streams of water seem to be sourced from the blue sky at the high ridge – on its way to the river far below.


<wearing her Bali jewelry on the edge of a rice field>

After initially feeling too shy to pose for a photo she suddenly changed her mind and we are so lucky to capture such a beautiful photo of one or our artisans so at peace.

Thanks for staying tuned in and we will continue with trip updates over the next few weeks. Please comment if you want to know more about any artisans, products, or if you want to learn anything more.

Your friends,
Exotic World Gifts


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