Amazing cinnamon bowls and wood serving pieces.

Day 30 – Ubud, Indonesia

This wonderful group of men and women make some great wood bowls and serving pieces for us. Starting with chunks of trees and dried cinnamon sticks they split, form, sand and finish these functional and beautiful works of art.


<Attaching cinnamon to the outside of a wood bowl>


<Making wood serving pieces>

What is incredible is the bowls that are formed with cinnamon keep that fresh scent for years. Liz has a bowl she has had for 6 years and it still smells like cinnamon. It is these little details that make our products stand out against more poorly made items you can find.

We are lucky to interact with and support these artisans as they create such beautiful pieces for us to share with you, our customers. You can show your support with any purchase from our website and we would love for you to go check out what we have right now.

As always, your one-stop shop for Fair Trade gifts.

Exotic World Gifts


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