Elephant figures and fair wages

Day 26 – Ubud, Indonesia

Local communities always take advantage of what resources they have on hand/nearby. This is true of even the most rural villages we have encountered. There are a lot of people making a lot of products and discount stores where tourist and foreign buyers flock. These goods are produced as cheaply as possible, and sold as cheaply as possible. This combination doesn’t allow artisans to spend time fine-tuning their crafts or even bothering to. We help our artisans focus on the quality of their work and pay them for their efforts rather than take advantage of the prices. Our artisans are paid a fair price – a living wage. This may not seem like much but fair wages are few and far between in our travels. We hope you will think of that difference you make in someones life when you purchase a Fair Trade gift.


<Bali wood carver and his wife>


One of our favorite wood carvers produces beautiful elephant figurines for us. The tusks are made from cow bone.

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