Traveling the path less taken

Day 25 – Ubud, Indonesia

Most of our artisans do not work or live in cities. So we often travel on rough roads or trails to meet them in their workshops. We visit all of our artisan workshops to make sure that the workspace is safe and that there is no child labor. We share with them some design ideas and what we believe will help them sell more product


<Image: Liz Walking to an Artisan Workshop.jpg >


<Image: Liz Bravely Crossing on a Pipe Bridge>

We are fortunate to be the kind of people who are traveling the path less taken in our journeys. When we encounter these wonderful people and help them make the most of their lives we are doing what a lot of companies won’t. We are putting others first and ourselves last and everyone benefits. This is the kind of thinking that helps promote change for the better and we are happy that we get to share that thinking with you. Thanks for continuing to tune in and all we can ask is that you tell your friends.


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