We are home but we have more stories to share from our trip!

Hello everyone,

Thank you for sticking with us as we share our many adventures throughout SE Asia. Although we are home now (and miss traveling already!) we are happy to share more from our trip. Please stay in touch because we have plenty of great stories to share with you.

Day 23 ā€“ Ubud, Indonesia
Visited the home/workshop of a young man and his family where the four of them live in one of the rooms of a four room walled community. The children of the four families play together while the women and men work. They are happy and appreciate the work and income that we provide.


He works in a small but clean room where he meticulously creates fine detailed silver earrings for us.


There are so many talented people across the globe that continue to inspire us to try and help as many as we possibly can. We are proud to help them share their wonderful pieces with the rest of the world.Please stay tuned and visit our Facebook and Pinterest sites to learn more about our story and our work. We appreciate you taking the time to see and acknowledge our amazing Artisans.

Your partners in Fair Trade,

Exotic World Gifts


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