Staying true to our mission with our beautiful Bali bowls.

Day 21 – Ubud, Bali

After finding great handcrafted bowls and other products, we have to get the true story of where the products are made and how our purchasing their products is going to improve the worker’s lives. So many products around the world are mass produced in sweat shops. We insist on visiting the workplaces and the homes where the workers live. After we are satisfied that we have found a good group of workers, we then have to identify a leader who will maintain great quality control. It takes a lot of time to get the details and make sure that we are providing a “hands up” out of poverty.

This group produces wonderful bamboo/coconut bowls and spoons for us. They live and work in a remote area along with their pig, dogs, and chickens.



Above: A bowl from start to finish.

After a long day of back-road searching and talking with people who say they know people who say they know people who actually make the products, we took time for lunch at one of our favorite Ubud eateries  – Wayan Café with lush gardens, water falls, and great food.


We are so excited to bring back these beautiful pieces, people are always in awe when they see the craftsmanship of our products. We love bringing such beautiful Fair Trade products to our wonderful supporters.


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