Ubud Bali, Soaking Up The Culture

Day 20 – Ubud, Bali
This fun day started with early morning shopping at the local farmers market. Then we took a Balinese cooking class where we cut and sliced and minced fresh foods for our early lunch. The delicious meal was followed by the search for great handcrafted wood products.


Later that evening we watched a traditional Balinese performance of the battle between good and bad – fear and joy. This culture has an abundance of stories and traditions. It’s considered good for a girl to marry “up” into a higher class where she then moves into her husband’s childhood home where his parents, grandparents and grandchildren all live together in an ornate walled cluster of buildings.


We are so lucky to get to help find wonderful new Fair Trade pieces and help our Artisans. Plus getting the opportunity to understand their culture better and learn more about the wonderful peoples whose lives we touch. Please continue to support our Artisans as we near the end of our journey across SE Asia. Visit us on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter and be sure to follow this blog!


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