Spending time with their families in Denpasar

Day 18 – Denpasar, Bali

We are working with a large cooperative that produces home décor and jewelry while the children are free to roam around their walled community. Some of the men and women work as a couple in a collaborative effort where the woman does the beading and the men do the metal work and clasping. In other areas, the men do the wood shaping, gluing and grinding while the women do the sanding and polishing. The parents and children look happy. They welcome us into their homes and were very gracious in allowing us to photograph and video them and their children. As always, we show them each photograph and they laugh at seeing themselves on the back of our camera.



Visiting these co-ops and spending time with with their families truly fills us with such happiness. Once again it reminds us how lucky we are and why we should make an effort to support others who aren’t as fortunate. As always Fair Trade is a great way of giving a hand-up instead of a hand-out creating sustainable futures for our wonderful Artisans.


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