Spending time in Bali with Lara and Spotting the President of the Philippines

We are so honored to think of how lucky we were when we met Lara, who has been providing us with beautiful Fair Trade gifts for years. She initially showed us how compassionate and hard working she was when we first met her.  She had been injured in a motorcycle accident and didn’t have the money to afford an operation. After meeting her and hearing her story we helped pay for some of her medical expenses and helped her support both of her children (one away at school and the other living with her in Bali). Here is a picture from our current trip when we got to reunite!Image

Also we were lucky enough to be staying at the same hotel as the President of the Philippines arrived and will be staying here for a week. The security is very heavy with a thorough car inspection upon entering Nusa Dua and another inspection prior to entering the hotel property. Armed military and security personnel dressed in traditional Balinese attire are always visible. There are seven naval warships cruising the waters alongside our hotel. Two small inflatable gun ships are stationed about 150 feet from the beach.Image

This trip continues to keep us busy and happy with all the work we are accomplishing. Stay tuned for more updates as our journey continues and don’t forget to support our work by visiting ExoticWorldGifts.com. 


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