Meeting with the PREDA Foundation

Day 10 – Olongapo Philippines

Just a short post today! Learn more about the PREDA Foundation:

4 hour bus ride from Quezon City to Olongapo where we had ate at a restuarant and called our next host to meet us. Olongapo is the busy town outside of the once sprawling Subic Bay Naval Base – not very far from what was the Clark Air Force Base – now a commercial airport. We are meeting with one of the most amazingly effective Fair Trade Organizations – The PREDA Foundation – People’s Recovery, Empowerment Development Assistance Foundation. In addition to helping artisans have a sustainable income, PREDA rescues enslaved children, sexually abused children, and abandoned children. Father Shay Cullen started PREDA in 1975 to help impoverished craft workers and small farmers. The earnings from the products rescue and protect abused and exploited women and children.

Having the opportunity to meet with such an impressive organization allows to further our connections and learn even more ways we can help people.

Also, here are some photos we didn’t include in earlier posts from our travels thus far:

Sugarcane Harvesting on Bacolod Philippines








Missionary Church on Bacolod Philippines








Young Girl After Church2








Young Girl After Church







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