Helping Children Go to School

Day 6 – Bacolod, Philippines
We traveled for more than ten hours around the island today, visiting schools and churches in some of the poorest areas of the country.


While visiting the first school, with colorful buildings and children walking about this picturesque scene, there was a group of about 100 students in assembly with the song ”My Prayer” (sung by Gosh Grodin and Celine Dejon) being played over the loudspeakers. My heart ached and my eyes filled with tears as I observed the young faces of these 8th grade students in rehearsal for their graduation day.

These young girls and boys were the privileged few to have parents who sacrificed what little they have in order for their children to have an education and also learn English. For these children to have the opportunity to escape poverty and break the cycle of poverty – to become the leaders in their community and be of service to others.

To know that our selling of their recycled paper jewelry provided funds to minister’s wives and also helped to provide the books for this school that is successful in changing the lives of these Philippine children – causes us to feel so blessed, so honored – so grateful for doing what Liz and I do as part of



We interviewed the grateful teachers and students who expressed their “Thank You”.



We continue to be blessed in our travels as we interact with such wonderful people. It is heartwarming speaking with the people who help make the business of Fair Trade such a compassionate pursuit. We encourage you to subscribe and find us on our other social media sites and to visit our website


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