Manila Handcrafts Trade Show – Day 3

Today we attended the Manila Handcrafts trade show where we worked with a representative of the Philippine National Export Agency to identify and design products that would be of interest to the American market. We spent the next two days exploring the products, skills and opportunities to work with Philippine artisans located in several of the many islands. The wood products and Capiz products were standouts for us along with some innovative jewelry designs. The Philippine people appear to be very detail oriented with a strong work ethic. So unfortunate to see so many abandoned factories in Manila that were at one time a power house of productivity of the SE Asia area now left to ruin as companies in search of lower costs moved their operations to other countries. It happened in the US and continues around the globe with the process of capital investment, a better standard of living for the workers, and a building boom followed by a relocation of jobs to another country, increased unemployment, uncompleted buildings, and a larger number of people living in poverty. People who purchase Fair Trade products help to preserve jobs and provide a sustainable income to the mostly women artisans in struggling economies. Not having the many levels of distribution and having to support large corporate overhead, Fair Trade products offer great quality at a very reasonable price.


Remember to leave with the knowledge that your purchases help make changes in peoples lives for the better. By merely choosing to support sustainable business practices you are making a difference in the world.


Vist to see our wonderful products and support Fair Trade!


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