Fair Trade vs. Free Trade, Why It Matters.



Fair Trade and Free Trade sound so similar it’s no wonder people are confused about the differences between these different economic ideas. The thing is, these are BIG differences and they are often de-valued because they require conscious consumerism instead of mind-less consumption. Here is a basic summary of the values of each kind of trade, and then a brief explanation of why it all matters.

Fair Trade:

Empowers vulnerable people and protects the environment, promotes social and economic sustainability, advances financing, long-term relationships, fair wages, higher labor and environmental standards. 

Free Trade:

Strengthens large global companies and their respective nations, focuses on trade laws that favor large corporations by lowering tariffs, and lowering labor and environmental standards in disadvantaged countries. Keeps marginalized people in the cycle of poverty.

In essence: Workers and people in developing countries don’t have laws protecting their civil rights. So companies and countries can exploit these people to their own benefit.

Why Does It Matter?

The idea’s that by purchasing items that are certified Fair Trade, shows that you support Fair Trade principles which include:fairer wages, no child labor, gender equality, sustainability, respect for local cultures, independence, awareness and equal rights. 

Thats what we support here at Exotic World Gifts, to provide sustainable income to artisans in developing countries and connect people around the world with stories of positive change through Fair Trade practices.


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