The Elephant Whisperer on ABC 20/20 News


We love the passion with which Lawrence Anthony lived and loved the magnificent elephants in Africa. With Lawrence being a part of the elephant family and with the elephants being his extended family, life is more beautiful, tender, and kind. It’s every living thing’s birth right to live peacefully and just be. Lawrence knew it, lived it, and taught us about the beauty of the elephants and the difference one person can do to make the world a better place.

We had the privilege to witness and document the extraordinary skills of elephants in Thailand and while we would prefer that all elephants be free to be in the wild, the Thai elephants are endangered and have no large range within which to live peacefully. So we support a well managed elephant camp by representing the amazing paintings of an elephant painted by an elephant as we posted on YouTube as the ORIGINAL Elephant Painting and was also filmed by National Geographic for their program Wild On Tape.

Thank you Lawrence for inspiring us to be peacemakers and lovers of life.


One thought on “The Elephant Whisperer on ABC 20/20 News

  1. Is Elephant Art a direct lesson to us humans that there is provably another sentient creature on our planet-our Elephants. Dr. John Lilly tried to communicate with porpoises/dolphins -but he could not decipher their language,so the matter of their ‘sentience’ is undecided?. A lesson in humility many conservatives, particularly orthodox ‘religious’ conservatives will not take lightly?
    Since Elephants are sentient beings like we are, why not strengthen the laws regarding their protection making maliciously harming or killing an Elephant a criminal felony offence with time spent in prison?

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