Building blocks of sustainble living

Our trip to Peru in August 2011 focused on two goals.  As part of our effort to provide a sustainable lifestyle for our Inca community, our team is committed to building  a greenhouse where the villagers will grow potatoes for food and roses as a cash crop to be sold in Lima where roses are presently being imported from Ecuador – at a high cost.  When we arrived, the villager had already molded the blocks out of clay and straw.  After being sun-dried for several days, the 30 to 40 pound blocks were ready to be manually moved up the hill to the construction site for the greenhouse.   Our team of 25 worked more than 14 hours over  period of two days to move more than 1,000 blocks about 300 feet horizontally and 30 feet vertically. After visiting the Sacred Valley, we assisted in building the walls an, of course, moved move clay bricks.  After visiting Machu Picchu, we assisted with the installation of the roof, the interior water drip system and planted the vegetables for their food and and rose plants for eventual income from the sale of the roses in Lima.


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