Transition from urban life to…

Somewhere in the skies between Atlanta Georgia and Lima Peru, likely while flying over the Caribbean, was a most remarkable sunset.   From the shadowed grey blanket of clouds below were uplifted huge mountain like clouds of red and orange upon an expanse of darker red, umber orange and deepening grey.  Were the lower clouds more solid, one would expect to see a wandering prehistoric silhouette moving across the Jurassic landscape. I felt like a time traveler being invited to transition from an urban life to an ancient life – from anywhere USA to Lima/Cusco Peru. My first feeling when traveling is always one of excitement, adventure, curiosity and openness to new experiences.

With imagination expanding into the occasion I had a sense of traveling back in time to an ancient culture – before the Spanish arrived – when the Peruvian Inca lived a rich life of abundance and oneness with nature punctuated with amazing structures, beautiful art and an enviable culture. A sweet people with a productive work ethic and love of art and family.  How refreshing to leave the financial chaos, political uncertainty, moral decay, and deepening isolation of people as our modern culture champions the impersonal touch in favor of sensationalized nonsense.   With romanticizing the Inca eventually yielding to the acknowledgement of the ritualistic sacrifice of virgins to insatiable gods, the classification and isolation of the people into groups of power versus those with little power, one could ponder whether we as a species have learned very much over the centuries.

I am reminded of what the ancient wise man Solomon noted ‘There is nothing new under the sun’.  Like the rain that falls from the sky, flows into rivers, collects in the oceans, and evaporates into the sky only to fall from the sky all over again, our children will be as we are like our parents and they like their parents back to the first thought and the endless cycle will continue on until the very last thought.

The seemingly endless cycle of suffering and worrisome toil does not have to define our lives.  God has offered to each of us a world of abundance and opportunities to be an observer and a loving participant in this grand adventure.  To move our personal energy from our mind of worry and planning and to touch people with our hearts – to feel with our spirit God’s abundant caring for us and the opportunity for us to thrive in grace – to experience each moment with a feeling of gratitude and openness the miracles that occur all around us.  This is my moment and I choose to be aware of what is going on around me – to seek out and touch as many people as possible – to love the one and the many.


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