The Bachelorette Travels Same Path as

The Bachelorette, Ashley Hebert, visits Chiang Mai, Thailand, the home of Hong, the painting elephant made famous by ExoticWorldGifts’ video of an elephant painting the image of an elephant holding a flower.  ExoticWorldGifts’ YouTube video has now received more than 12.6 million views.  National Geographic interviewed Liz Allen and Mark Fangue, owners of, in Chiang Mai for their program “Wild on Tape”  now airing on NGeo.  The Animal Planet also interviewed Liz and Mark.  60 Minutes did a program about the painting elephants and used footage from ExoticWorldGifts. While on the trip back to Chiang Mai with National Geographic, Liz and Mark took the same rafting trip that Ashley takes with her date on the Bachelorette.  Elephants roaming on the lush green hillside as we travel on the raft down river.  Great memories!


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