Pierce Brosnan & ExoticWorldGifts

Pierce Brosnan
Pierce Brosnan & Liz

Pierce Brosnan with Liz Allen at the Jane Goodall Roots & Shoots Festival at the Santa Monica Pier on Sept. 20, 2009.

A wonderful event to raise awareness of our oneness with each other and the planet as part of the United Nations Day of Peace celebration.  Shown here with the famous original elephant painting that was filmed by ExoticWorldGifts while in Thailand and then filmed by National Geographic.

 Pierce’s wife Keely shopped at our booth and bought a stunning handmade Fair Trade necklace from India.

ExoticWorldGifts is Fair Trade and Green America certified representative for high-quality hand-made home decor, jewelry, and personal items made in villages in developing countries.  Each item includes a story about the artisan.  So when you are giving a gift this holiday season, give a gift with a story of compassion – a gift that makes a difference.


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