Live Your Passion

We shared the process by which we discovered our passion and restructured our lives to live that passion to a group of more than 75 people at the San Juan Capistrano Center for Spiritual Living.  We explained the complimentary and balanced energies of the mind and heart and shared a process by which each one of us can discover our passion and live a fulfilled life.

It’s an intentional process by which we dedicate a larger part of our energy to the heart and observe how we choose to feel and then learn some ways to attract what inspires us to feel that way.

We will also shared the National Geographic Video that was taken of us while we were in Thailand to document our ORIGINAL Elephant Painting video of an elephant painting the image of an elephant holding a flower. Now with more than 10 million views on YouTube, we continue to educate and inspire people as to our oneness with everything.


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