ExoticWorldGifts Contacted by Oprah

Elephant Painting
Elephant Painting

A producer from the Oprah Show contacted us about using our video of the elephant painting the image of an elephant holding a flower.  Now with more than 10 million views of our famous ORIGINAL Elephant Painting on YouTube and having been featured on the National Geographic program ‘Wild on Tape”, the beauty and magnificence of the elephant is more widely appreciated.  The plight of the Asian elephant is also more widely understood and how supporting the larger number of elephants by the painting efforts of a few is very helpful to conserving the Asian elephant.

Our passion is to help provide sustainable income to artist – including elephants – in developing countries.  Their wonderful art and their stories can be viewed at ExoticWorldGifts.com.

Oprah is well known for her love of people and animals and her organizations have done much to help alleviate the suffering of many.  It was an honor to be contacted by her producer.

Liz and Mark – founders of ExoticWorldGifts.com


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