ExoticWorldGifts.com Now In Adelaide’s Florists

Adelaide’s Florist & Decorators is a beautiful flower shop and design center located in La Jolla, CA and is now selling Fair Trade home decor, handbags, and personal items from ExoticWorldGifts.com.

Adeliade's Florist & Decorators
Adeliade's Florist & Decorators

 The high quality hand made products complement the warm hearted atmosphere.  Each item comes with a story of compassion that makes a difference in the lives of women and artist in developing countries.  Giving a gift? – Give a gift with a story and make a positive difference in the world.


4 thoughts on “ExoticWorldGifts.com Now In Adelaide’s Florists

  1. Hey There!

    I am finally back among the living after a long and resftul vacation in Portland. What a great blog!!!

    I also now have you on Twitter and Facebook!!! Looking forward to keeping contact with you both and wishing the best in the new year!!!


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